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  • Carcassonne



    The priory of Carcassonne is apparently a place of prayer, but its walls hide secret just waiting to be discovered. When playing the game, explore the building from top to bottom, search every corner, even the darkest and most secret one.


    «It’s in the dark that the devil shows himself, and there is where he has to be fought».


    Orion’s light (2007)


  • Genesis, pt. 3


    Not long after that, Ivan Venturi contacted Evangelisti’s literary agent and Mondadori to buy the rights to make a game featuring Nicolas Eymerich as the protagonist. Imagimotion soon joined Koala Games (that would later be renamed TiconBlu), and the two software houses went in search for funding.


    The developing began in 2009. The game should have been a classic PC adventure game, developed in Wintermute. Then technology evolved, the teams switched to Unity 3D, and many things had to be redone from scrapes (read all about it here and here).


    Fast forward four years, and here we are now… Tree weeks from now and the game will be published. The game is almost ready, the beta testing is in its final phases, Adventure’s Planet and Fantasy Magazine joined the project in a media partnership (don’t forget the contest!), everything is going great.


    Thank you for being with us, and long live Eymerich!


  • Genesis, pt. 2


    After reading the first adventure of the dominican inquisitor, Ivan Venturi started to get to know the series, providing himself with all the other books and also subscribing to the author’s official mailing list.


    He discovered a cohesive, integrated community, made by people who got to know each others very well, with live meeting too; a community to which also Evangelisti partecipated actively, joining topics, clarifying obscure points of the stories of his books (which are often open to interpretations), and in the end establishing a wonderful relationship with his fans.


    Out of curiosity more than else, Ivan Venturi asked the people of the mailing list if a video game ispired by Evangelisti’s novels had ever been made. The author himself answered his question, telling him that a software house named Trecision had tried years ago, but went bankrupt before completing the project.


    “Time for someone to carry out the quest…”, thought Ivan Venturi.



  • Eymerich asks…


    «Dic mihi quod elementum mortem significet non quidem primam, sed secundam»


    Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague (2012)

  • Genesis, pt. 1


    Let me tell you how this video game was born.


    Its story begins in the first months of 2007, in Bologna. O was it fall 2006? Let’s put it this way: there was a time, a long time ago…


    Ivan Venturi, who would later become the director and screenwriter of the first video game in Latin in history, was passing in the vicinity of a library that, due to business stoppage, was selling out. Allured by the offer, he bought a good number of books, chosen among those that captured his attention, and came out from the library with some pounds of papery culture in his hands. He could not imagine, of course, that that simple act would have become a turning point in his personal and professional life.


    He stacked up the books on his beside table and started to read them randomly. Some were nice, some others weren’t worth even their discounted price, but one in particular catched him: Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor. Written in 1994 by, as chance would have it, an author from Bologna, Valerio Evangelisti. And while the reading went on, the game developer thought.






    Enigmata to solve.


    “Looks like a video game”.




  • So we were saying… contest!


    “What is exactly this contest about?” you are probably wondering. I’m telling you right now!


    In the next days, you should check very often this blog and our Facebook page, and our two partner websites: Adventure’s Planet ( and Fantasy Magazine ( There you will find three clues to solve a hidden riddle!


    For the moment, we won’t tell you anything else. All you need to know is that you will have to find some… strange sentences, interpret them and deduce the answer to solve the riddle. Whenever you think you have the correct answer, mail it to


    The contest will expire on 15th November, and we will announce the winners on 16th November, on the three partner sites. Remember: the prizes are three boxed copies of Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague – Chapter I: Inquisitor.



    Will you be the best and fastest inquisitor?




    Hear ye, wannabe inquisitors!


    As you already know, exactly in a month, 16th November 2012, Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague – Chapter I: Inquisitor will be released.


    And for such a magnificent occasion, a contest will be held to test your skills as inquisitors!



    The contest, realized in partnership with Adventure’s Planet ( and Fantasy Magazine ( will put three, and I’m saying three, boxed copies of the First Edition as a prize.


    So stay tuned, and don’t miss the updates that will be given soon!

  • Eymerich is the head of development



    Eymerich: «Get back to work, you little brats!».

    Developers: «Ex voto vestro, magister!».


  • Faces of death


    Don’t worry: they are only masks…


  • Chapter I – The Inquisitor. Italian disc label

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