The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

“Well, that’s a low blow”


What is pain?


Many attempts to create “scales of pain” have been made, the most famous of which is the VAS. Sure thing, the doubt that pain is not measurable remains strong and legit. Pain, just like many things in the world, is subjective.


But there is a part of the male body that likely every man would confirm to be the most sensitive to pain, whatever is pain anyway.





Virtually everyone has, at least once in his life, received a hit in the groin. The luckiest ones may have been hit by a blow with a soccer ball. For others less lucky it might have been a well-aimed kick from a very angry ex girlfriend. Maybe someone voluntarily underwent the treatment during a passionate and painful BDSM session. Thinking of it, maybe they would be the luckiest ones…


But for the unluckiest ones it was a medieval torture.


It’s the time of the year when apricots ripen, right? If you have recently bought some and left them out of the fridge they would be quite ripe by now.


Take one of your apricots and grip it. It soon will start to flake in your hand, to mash, to crush.


Now imagine that that apricot is a testicle. Belonging to you.


Imagine it


Without offending the immaginative medieval engineer that created and crafted complex torture devices, full of ropes and gears and levers, a pair of pliers were enough to inflict the worst pain a man could ever sustain…


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