The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

Summary judgement


He awaited for the ecclesiastic to bend over a little on the balustrade, then, all of sudden, he lifted him from his back with his right hand, while with the left hand he pressed his shoulder blades. The friar, overbalanced, fell off the bifora and down below. Meanwhile Eymerich said «“Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis. Laudamus te, benedicimus te…”».


The inquisitor stopped when the scream died. Satisfied he turned towards father Corona and friar Bagueny. «He’s done grinning» he commented, unusually happy. He then added: «Considering the time required to say the Gloria, I’d say that the precipice underneath us is at least about forty arms tall».


His comrades were flabbergasted. Friar Bagueny stuttered: «You’ve killed… you’ve killed that man only to measure how high is the friary from the valley?».


Eymerich shrugged his shoulders, like the point at matter was futile. «That was an additional advantage. I threw him down because he was an heretic, a liar and a British. I also doubt that he was actually a man, and not a demon [...] ».


Father Corona was appalled. «But he looked like a good dominican! At least, he knew the conventual rules!».


«Not nearly [...] That man was everything except a preaching friar».


«But this applies for every professed ecclesiastic in this priory, not only for him!».


«Indeed. I anticipated for one of them the fate that awaits them, because I wanted to know how high was the abyss beneath us». Eymerich frowned. «Not to mention that all that laughing, apart from costituting an offense to God, was annoying me…».


Mater Terribilis (2002)

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