The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

Genesis, pt. 1


Let me tell you how this video game was born.


Its story begins in the first months of 2007, in Bologna. O was it fall 2006? Let’s put it this way: there was a time, a long time ago…


Ivan Venturi, who would later become the director and screenwriter of the first video game in Latin in history, was passing in the vicinity of a library that, due to business stoppage, was selling out. Allured by the offer, he bought a good number of books, chosen among those that captured his attention, and came out from the library with some pounds of papery culture in his hands. He could not imagine, of course, that that simple act would have become a turning point in his personal and professional life.


He stacked up the books on his beside table and started to read them randomly. Some were nice, some others weren’t worth even their discounted price, but one in particular catched him: Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor. Written in 1994 by, as chance would have it, an author from Bologna, Valerio Evangelisti. And while the reading went on, the game developer thought.






Enigmata to solve.


“Looks like a video game”.




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