The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

Genesis, pt. 2


After reading the first adventure of the dominican inquisitor, Ivan Venturi started to get to know the series, providing himself with all the other books and also subscribing to the author’s official mailing list.


He discovered a cohesive, integrated community, made by people who got to know each others very well, with live meeting too; a community to which also Evangelisti partecipated actively, joining topics, clarifying obscure points of the stories of his books (which are often open to interpretations), and in the end establishing a wonderful relationship with his fans.


Out of curiosity more than else, Ivan Venturi asked the people of the mailing list if a video game ispired by Evangelisti’s novels had ever been made. The author himself answered his question, telling him that a software house named Trecision had tried years ago, but went bankrupt before completing the project.


“Time for someone to carry out the quest…”, thought Ivan Venturi.



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