The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

The Adventure Game and Interactive Novel

Genesis, pt. 3


Not long after that, Ivan Venturi contacted Evangelisti’s literary agent and Mondadori to buy the rights to make a game featuring Nicolas Eymerich as the protagonist. Imagimotion soon joined Koala Games (that would later be renamed TiconBlu), and the two software houses went in search for funding.


The developing began in 2009. The game should have been a classic PC adventure game, developed in Wintermute. Then technology evolved, the teams switched to Unity 3D, and many things had to be redone from scrapes (read all about it here and here).


Fast forward four years, and here we are now… Tree weeks from now and the game will be published. The game is almost ready, the beta testing is in its final phases, Adventure’s Planet and Fantasy Magazine joined the project in a media partnership (don’t forget the contest!), everything is going great.


Thank you for being with us, and long live Eymerich!


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