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    An useful tool to solve the mysteries related to the hideous Plague will be the Journal.


    Eymerich is a well organized man who likes to always have a clear picture of what is going on during an investigation. So he keeps a journal in which he takes notes on whatever happens to him. The journal is divided in three sections (click on the images to enlarge).



    The Mission Objectives section contains a concise list of what Eymerich has to do in order to proceed. Very useful when you are stuck and don’t know what your next step should be.





    The Investigation Records section provides a complete summary of what you have done during the game. This section will be presented as a series of sketches that Eymerich will comment, summarizing what they represent. You will find out that Eymerich is very good at drawing!




    And finally you have Eymerich’s Old Notes. Closely written records of the inquisitor’s past adventures. If you have read all the books you will with no doubt get every reference! This section will have its role in the gameplay too, for it will be necessary to recall some past experiences to unveal the secrets of the Plague.



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