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  • Musical dissonance in Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague


    Playing Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague you could expect pipe organs, Gregorian chants and lutes – the typical soundtrack for a medieval setting. And you would be surprised by the hard sound, that we could define metal, but with a hypnotic and dissonant undertone, that characterize this game. All immersed in a dark mood, vaguely industrial.


    The bands that were a point of reference for making the in-game soundtrack range from Kings of Leon and Wolfmother to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. The basic idea was to capture the harsh and strong essence of different genres and artists, so we took inspiration also from Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine, Archive and The Distillers.


    Upon Davide Pensato’s word, in-game music composer for Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague, who chose Reaper as his DAW, a very versatile software which is fully customizable with add-ons and plug-ins, and IK Multimedia sound libraries (SampleMoog, SampleTron, SonikSynth 2, Miroslav Philarmonic), plus some others secret ingredients that go under the definition of professional secret…


    Davide Pensato - In-game music composer


    The resulting dissonance is a conscious choice: the goal was to create something original and mould-breaking. Eymerich is a tough and fierce character; the setting is medieval, but with a horror mood that encroaches on splatter. We thought of a third millennium medieval music, the possibility to express those ancient atmospheres with modern sounds. Metal and goth metal are surely the most suitable to evoke the Middle Ages and our inquisitor’s personality, but the Hendrix-style guitars and the energic explosions of rock guitars add a particular touch that make the music more suitable for the sick mood of the story.


    This contamination between ages and genres is not untypical for Eymerich. Evangelisti’s fans surely know that the Magister’s adventures fall in between historical and science fiction, realistic and fantasy, and go over different ages: a dark past, a hallucinated present, a dystopic future… The sound in Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague serves as a counterpoint, a comment. It reveals the underlying message: everything is relative, and everything is linked…


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