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In collaboration with ANASTASIS and fondazione ASPHI

Many videogames come written instructions on how to play them, which create obstacles for those with specific reading disorders (dyslexia), and who may instead benefit from the use of alternative methods to conventional reading tools.

To meet these needs, we have included two options in the Eymerich video game: ‘EASY READING TEXT’ and ‘DIALOGUE CONTROL PANEL’.

These options allow easy use of the written text but also allow the texts to be read using the voice of the character. In this way the game becomes a fun, useful and accessible tool even for adults and young people with dyslexia.

The dyslexia aids are available on all versions (PC/MAC/iOS/ANDROID).

This option enables texts to be viewed with the following features:
  • White letters printed on full black non-transparent background;
  • Capital letters;
  • Greater spacing;
  • The text remains on the screen, it does not “scroll” off the screen;
  • Easy reading font.

Enables the Dialogue Control Panel, which allows users to listen to one sentence at a time (after which it is paused automatically) or move forward or backward through the dialogue. This gives users all the time they need to read the text, re-read it or listen to it in audio format.

Example of normal dialogue
Example of normal dialogue
Example of easy reading text and dialogue control panel
Example of easy reading text and dialogue control panel

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